For merchants
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Enhance your ESG strategy -
Trust, transparency, and tangible impact

At Stabiliti, we are revolutionising the carbon offset landscape.

We enable your customers to offset carbon emissions associated with processing payment transactions, as well as giving your customers the option to support local sustainable projects that align to your CSR requirements.

This is done in real time with end to end transparency, capturing carbon credit data and storing it immutably for complete audit trail integrity for every single transaction.

Our platform's security is best in class, with industry leading encryption and robust business processes.

Why enhance your ESG strategy?

In today's world ESG strategies are not just a 'nice-to-have' – they're a business imperative. Enhancing your ESG strategy not only aligns with global efforts to combat climate change but also resonates with your customers, who are increasingly concerned about the environment.

"We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it."
Barack Obama

Seamless integration, significant impact

We integrate seamlessly into your existing customer payment journey, whether for example it is self checkout or Point of Sale (POS). Our solution works in three stages:

Real time accuracy and context

Use highly accurate payment processing transaction emission data and calculate offset need.

Payment journey integration

We allow customers to make a contribution (through ‘round-up’ or fixed contribution) at the point of sale. This pays to match and remove the carbon emissions associated with processing the payment transaction. In addition customers can have the opportunity to contribute to local sustainable projects.

Proof of retirement and impact

Provide certificates and reports proving that offsets have been retired on your behalf, and green projects have been supported, traceable back to the assets' roots.

Tackling the limitations of traditional approaches

Current approaches to carbon offsetting often lack transparency and can feel disconnected from the local environment. With Stabiliti, we are changing that. We take verified tonnes of carbon offsets, slice them into grams, and offer accurate offsetting of micro-emissions, such as those from payment transactions. This allows you and your customers to prove claims to carbon neutrality, and even carbon negativity, in real time rather than in arrears.

Customer appeal

About two-thirds of the global population report being willing to incur a personal cost to fight climate change, and the overwhelming majority supports pro-climate norms (Gallup World Poll 2021/2022). By offering a simple way for customers to contribute to carbon offsetting and support local sustainable projects, you are giving them the opportunity to to bridge the intention-action gap to tackle climate change. Customers can feel satisfied that they are doing something to help with climate change while enhancing their connection with your brand. Together, we can plant the roots for a sustainable future.