Our team

We are a passionate team dedicated to reversing climate change

Will Foulkes
Co-founder and CEO
A former Linklaters lawyer, Will is an internationally recognised leading expert in the legal aspects of blockchain. He serves as an advisor to the UK's Law Commission Digital Asset Team, the World Economic Forum, and the WTO. His international network of leading global organisations is a testament to his expertise and influence.
Steve Cochrane
Co-founder and CTO
With a wealth of experience as a technical architect, Steve has held senior roles at Lloyds Bank, Vodafone, Atos, and the UK Government. He created the UK's first multi-tenant cloud-based retail banking platform, from greenfield to full implementation, and has designed multiple large-scale multi-tenant platforms in highly regulated industries.
Jenni Cozens
Director and COO
Jenni brings a wealth of expertise from Linklaters and J.P. Morgan. With extensive experience in process optimisation, HR, marketing, and team leadership, she is passionate about driving impactful change in the fight against climate change.
Wouter Raasveldt
Wouter is a strong advocate for environmental consciousness and sustainability. He has enjoyed an extensive career in international financial markets trading, venture capital, and aiding start-up journeys. As the founder of Crabtree Capital, he is passionate about exploring and investing in win-win opportunities that give back to society and our shared environment.
Andre Casterman
A seed investor and advisor to technology companies active in digital assets, trade finance, and payment technologies, Andre spent 24 years at SWIFT, leading various innovations in inter-bank payments, corporate treasury, and trade financing. He is a Board Member at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA).
Elliott Talbot
Elliot is ex Meta and a serial entrepreneur. He led the Aquilla drone project working directly with Mark Zuckerberg. He is the current CEO of Fusion.one a plastics to hydrogen fuel cleantech business. Elliott has a wealth of experience leading global teams on complex and innovative ESG technology projects.