For payment providers and
financial institutions

Integrating climate action into everyday business operations

We are in an era where corporate responsibility and sustainability are of strategic importance not only for business but also for the planet. Stabiliti offers a unique opportunity to integrate climate action into your everyday business operations creating new green revenue streams.

Seamless carbon offsetting for your clients' customers

We provide a seamless way for your clients to offset carbon emissions associated with processing a payment transaction and support local sustainable projects with each payment in real time. This enables your clients to differentiate themselves by providing a customer opportunity to bridge the intention-action gap to tackle climate change.

Bridging the gap - payment services meets environmental awareness

By leveraging the synergy of environmental and behavioural science with cutting-edge technology, our solutions create a powerful connection between financial services and ecological consciousness.

Designed with flexibility in mind

We seamlessly integrate into the payment user journey to allow for contributions to be taken (through ‘round-up’ or fixed contribution) at point of sale. Our unique technology provides a full audit trail of each payment contribution to the sustainable project it has supported and carbon offset used to negate the emissions of processing the transaction.

Reasons to work with us

  • 1. Create new green revenue streams
  • 2. Real time carbon neutrality
  • 3. Regulatory compliance
  • 4. Enhanced reputation
  • 5. Hyper-local carbon capture
  • 6. End-to-end transparency